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Positioning II
arenas and gardens 24/7

… day and night always open for all.

In-between schematic socialist housing there are voids to be found which can take new buildings. To create agglomeration which is publically agreeable new facilities with free access need to be invented.

This project develops two towering houses which bring the vast distance between both sides of the mainroad to a modest level. These new volumes are easily able to provide attractive, covered spaces for the public - including financial feasibility.

The two gatehouses by their orientation sunward do not form a classical symmetric urban portal. A subtle reference to those schematic repetitions of social housing can be noted winkingly.


Position & property
Positioning: gatehouse towers providing platforms for diverse usages

Architecture & urbanism

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Berlin Friedrichshain. Two empty corners in between socialist housing.
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Obviously these are building plots and also potential for the community.
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Two arenas visible, directly accessible, open 24/7.
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Vertical halls for circulation fill the voids . The arenas form a base for new usages above.
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Two stacks with flats narrow the vast street corridor down to a normal scale.
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Stacks develop into towers by added layers for offices and roof gardens.
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The towers are oriented towards South and West lavish and sun protected.
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The urban space flows right through the new buildings.
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Metropolitan spaces, prepared for hot days to come.
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Open places for participation sponsored by those usages above them.