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Positioning II
A self-governed fortress against gentrificationk

Artist’s residence - Rue de la Grande Fontaine - Halle-Giebichenstein

The vicinity of the Giebichenstein art academy is getting modernised house by house. Off goes the coal-burning stove, enter laminate. Off goes the artist biography, enter private residence. We were able to purchase one building as a collective. Our concewpt is to keep its technical standard of the 1940s. We let to artists who can operate coal-burning stoves and need to find places to work and live at low rents.

In parallel our building’s substance is repaired piece by piece, applying know-how from the time of its construction. Otherwise our contemporary poisonous cocktail of building norms would result in destroying a well-functioning system.

In the long-term we have the potential to build two breath-taking gallery spaces – a very high one and a very long one.


Position & property
Positioning: artists’ residence, purchasing process, segmentation of ownership

Architecture & urbanism
Renovations, contracting, construction supervision

Lifetime & re-structuring
Management, letting