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Tectonics: Down town garden city

Void at Hohenstauffenstraße, Berlin-Schöneberg

Besides (exterior) forms and interior, tectonics - as the third architectonical aspect - transforms all parts into an entity. Tectonics explains, how the material substance has been assembled. Here, a project shows its construction principles:

  • Vertical: slab-like zones for secondary rooms in exchange with open living spaces
  • Horizontal: stacked townhouses with three levels each.

This project leaves typical layouts of multi-tenant housing aside to create value-added. We want to build the classic townhouse incl. garden – in the middle of the city. The project nevertheless provides the classic serial house with garden and the notion of a Berlin metropolitan period building. Facing the street, a sequence of half-private zones is created by scaling. An address emerges. This way centrality and privacy come together.