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Form: Energy storage

Electric Thermal Energy Storage Siemens AG

This project shows, how - solely through architectonical decisions - a technical plant is transformed into a work of architecture.

The constellation of exterior forms and their particular consistency induce a certain impression on their users and observers. This impact by the material substance arises solely by the means of architecture.

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Electricity from solar power is largely generated when not in demand. Intermediate storage is the new key technology.
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Heat contained in vulcanic rocks is an efficient medium to store electricity. The pilot conversion plant is a straight technical construction.
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ETES - Electric Thermal Energy Storage – unlike electricity – is a very visible technology requiring urban integration.
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We are transforming this technical plant into a work of architecture. In a first step all technical components are conceptually separated.
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The energy reservoir will be scaled up in coming projects. A concise volume provides a recognisable form therefor.
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A slanted roof, which collects rainwater, covers the energy storage. Technical components are organised in a compact and efficient building form.
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A flexible maintenance area in-between storage and plant building completes this very compact facility.
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Remaining surface areas are publicly accessible green areas for rainwater infiltration and air filtration.
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The conglomerate of technical modules as an urban structure and landmark - a self-confident statement for optimistic departures into the energy revolution.