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House / Object / Gestalt / Gesture

Bauhaus Museum & Archive Dessau

We searched for a form which evokes two central phenomena of the Bauhaus movement.
At first sight the radicality of this era is reflected in the optical instability of the proposed stack of volumes.
Secondly, the impressive interdisciplinarity of disciplines taught at the Bauhaus in Dessau is reflected as the proposed form can be interpreted differently, such as:

  • a house (Architecture)
  • an object (Design)
  • a gestalt (Arts)
  • a gesture (Dance)

The interior is defined by two compact service zones along the side walls. In between those two zones completely flexible exhibition areas provide maximum freedom for curators. Exterior expressivity is matched by interior minimalism.


Position & property
Positioning: Interdisciplinary center for makers of all kinds

Architecture & urbanism
Competition concept