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Asset Management
Portfolios in Berlin, Leipzig & Hannover

Five years time to wake up a sleeping giant

57.000 sqm of leasable areas inside 32 mixed-use buildings partly had empty units and non-performing leases when we took over asset management. Depending on the location we developed different approaches for value-add projects:

  • Berlin: modernisations, provision of building rights, updating criteria of the communal rent index
  • Leipzig: re-developments, re-positioning student housing
  • Hannover: re-developments, re-positioning co-working spaces & shared flats

Finally, we were able to sell the portfolio with remarkable premia.

Example: Reconstruction of a destroyed building wing, Berlin-Moabit
This period building has lost its complete right wing in WW II. As the historic staircase is still existing the void can be filled with residential areas completely. This very cost-efficient scenario allows the decision for a high quality fit-out without doubts.


Position & property
Re-Positioning: student housing, shared flats and offices, selling process

Architecture & urbanism
Preliminary building permits for agglomerations, renovations: contracting, construction supervision

Lifetime & re-structuring
Asset management