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Asset Management
Portfolio in Halle/S.

Family gardening & mix of generations

We develop a small housing scheme in Halle-Ammendorf. Current apartments are small and the suburb location is unattractive. The settlement needs new positioning.

Two small flats above each other stacked together, empty roof space and a garden partition attached to them: this constellation makes a lot of sense for young families. The remote location within the suburb now turns into an asset. Within the scheme there is now developing a vital mix of generations. The buildings themselves also get a fresh start into their next century.

And there is more to do: towers with jelly bag caps are inserted in the voids between existing buildings – creating identity at its best.


Position & property
Positioning: serial houses with gardens, purchasing, financing

Architecture & urbanism
Renovations, contracting, construction supervision

Lifetime & re-structuring
Management, letting